January 2021 - During this new lockdown we will be continuing to work and produce our food and treats but are also managing our own family so please bear with us as we try and navigate through these testing times. We will be at our production unit most week days but it is likely that we will not be sticking to our usual opening hours of 10am - 4pm so please do check in advance that we are there if you are thinking of coming in. 
We will still be continuing with our deliveries so if you need anything, please just ask! We're also happy to help and bring you anything else you may need if you are unable to leave the house through shielding or isolation - if we can help, we will! Stay safe x   

About us

Welcome to The Rawly Good Food Company.


We are a family run business and take great pride in what we do. We started raw feeding Rosie, our German Shepherd 3 years ago after she had skin issues and zero appetite. She refused to eat most days and was losing weight rapidly yet we were feeding her on what we thought was a "high quality kibble" - how wrong we were! After a small amount of research it became clear to us that the best thing we could do to help Rosie was to go back to basics and feed her the best diet we possibly could - for us this meant completely raw and natural. The change in Rosie was almost instant. She wolfed down that very first raw meal we gave her and we've never looked back - she now loves her food and her skin issues are a thing of the past! 


Whilst we are convinced that a good raw diet is the way forward we also recognise that there are many different ways to feed your dog - some people DIY, some people feed completes, some feed vegetables, etc. We would never prescribe that one way is better than the other, simply that you need to find which way suits your dog (and you) the best. And that is where we come in. Our aim is simple; to provide good quality food to enable you to feed your dog the way that suits you both. 




Send us an email and we will let you know as soon as our online shop is ready! 



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