How to Raw Feed Your Working Dog

There are several different ways you can feed your working dog a raw diet. Some people advocate adding vegetables, others don’t. Some people feed a whole prey diet, others use completes, some “DIY” and there are plenty of other ways too! We’re not here to tell you that one way is right or wrong; the right way is the one that suits you and your dog.


Whichever way you choose to feed, you do need to make sure that your working dog is getting the correct amount of food and the right ratio of meat to bone to offal and this should be approximately 80% meat, 10% bone, 5% liver and 5% “other offal” (this needs to be a secreting organ such as kidney, brain, spleen, testicles, etc.). This balance can be achieved over a number of days and doesn't necessarily need to be covered in every meal. We understand that every dog is different and may require a variation on this to reach the right balance. For example, it is entirely possible that your dog will require a slightly higher or lower percentage of bone; you will find the balance that works for your dog. The key to knowing you've reached the correct balance is "poo watch”! A perfect poo should be firm, not sloppy and not crumbly. Too crumbly probably points to too much bone. Too sloppy could be not enough bone or too much offal/rich meat, amongst other things.


A healthy adult dog should be fed between 2% and 3% of their ideal body weight daily. The actual amount that your working dog will need depends on whether you want them to lose or gain weight and how active they are. Many people choose to split the daily food allowance between two meals but again, you’ll know what works for you and for your dog. 

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